On why I watch and read stuff over—

“It’s simple, really. It’s like, when you’re watching a movie, or reading a book, you’re looking forward, seeing where it’s going to go next. I’m looking around, taking everything in. The important part is not eagerly anticipating the final destination, but exploring the journey there. So, while what’s going to happen next is certainly intriguing to a high degree, why and how it’s happening is what is utterly captivating, what defines the reason and purpose of what’s about to happen. And I believe that varies with each read; it finds a way to enlighten you in new ways each time. Besides, I like knowing how things are going to turn out, whether they end in bliss or sorrow. I know you’ll say it’s pointless to look forward to something you already know is going to turn out a certain way. But, the point is, that knowledge doesn’t dull the way those sequence of events are going to make you feel, regardless of how many times you relive them. And if they do, then you know the film/novel, has no depth.”

— intergalartic